24 Uses and Benefits of Shea Butter

Though shea butter has been used for centuries, it’s gained some serious popularity here in the West in the past decade—all for it’s ability to soothe, repair and moisturize skin. Whether used for reducing inflammation or smoothing out rough skin texture, you can count on shea butter to quickly and noticeably help your skin. However, to reap the most benefits, choosing raw and unrefined shea butter is key.

Why Shea Butter Works As A Moisturizer

We’ll come out and say it: raw shea butter is one of the best moisturizers on the planet. And that’s not just our ego talking! Maybe we’re biased, but does it really count as bias when it’s backed by science and real life, tangible results? Here’s the thing: there are a lot of fantastic lipid based plant moisturizers out there. Oils like coconut and Jojoba, butters like cocoa and even certain hydrating essential oils like rose. If you use any of these on your skin, you’re doing the right thing, and no doubt you can see the results. But shea butter is unique when it comes to plant based moisturizers. Here’s why:

The Best Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

If you’ve heard of essential oils then you’ve probably heard of aromatherapy, where the smells from the oils impart therapeutic effects to the mind and body. Perhaps you’ve even used essential oils for aromatherapeutic purposes already. There are so many essential oils out there, and virtually all of them have aromatherapeutic benefits. But if there’s so many, how do you know which ones to use? Or, if you’re just starting out, which oils are the best to begin with?

Sun Protection Tips That Aren't a Hat or Sunscreen

While the sun isn’t bad for you, too much of it can be damaging to your skin. Leathery skin texture, sun burn, extra wrinkles and in extreme cases, skin cancer can all develop from too much sun exposure. But as long as you stay within the amount of sun time that you know works for your skin, the sun can actually be a nourishing and productive addition to your self and skincare routine. But what about when you want to be out in the sun for longer periods of time? And do you always need to wear sunscreen or a hat?

Skincare: Prevention vs Healing

When it comes to skincare, there are often two ways of looking at it: prevention and healing. You can either prevent further damage from happening, or heal existing damage the skin has already sustained. Products can be marketed and formulated for one of these two purposes, and customers have to choose which one is right for them. While technically there’s nothing wrong with this approach, there is a possibility you could find yourself in a situation where you want or need to both prevent damage in your skin and also heal existing damage. The question is: is it possible to do?

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