The Most Asked Shea Butter Questions: Answered

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No matter your field or profession, there’s bound to be specific questions and concerns that show up over 

and over again. Virtually everyone has an FAQ list, and in the world of Shea butter skincare it’s no different. Every day, we see some of the same questions over and over again and we thought it was time to put them all together for your convenience. We hope you can find the answers you’ve been looking for

Why Lavender Essential Oil is a Parents Ally

One of the biggest concerns that come up in regard to essential oils is their safety for use on and around children. While each person and their individual sensitivities are unique, there are certain essential oils that are generally more widely accepted to be kid friendly both for their aromatherapy uses as well as their gentleness. Lavender is one of those essential oils and consequently is a very popular essential oil. Even people who aren’t really into essential oils know about Lavender! This is why we’ve included it in our collection.

Can 24Karite Gold Cellulite Cream Help Fade Stretch Marks?

You might have noticed that we’ve added a few new products to our lineup. Among them are two specialized Shea butter based creams: Smooth Body Cellulite Cream and Dermal Repair Stretch Mark Cream. Both have been specially formulated to target specific issues from as many angles as possible. As a result, the products are a little bit intersectional since they contain such a wide range of skin healing ingredients. One of the intersections between these two creams is the healing of stretch marks. Though the stretch mark cream has been specifically formulated to target stretch marks, what about areas that have both cellulite and stretch marks?

Why Peppermint Essential Oil Can Do It All

There are a lot of essential oils out there and sometimes it can be hard to choose which one is the best choice for you. Sometimes it may even seem like you need an entire essential oil chest in order to make sure you have enough oils to cover all your bases! While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having an extensive essential oil collection, you might be happily surprised to know that there are many essential oils that are great for more than just one thing. And one of the best of all the multidimensional essentials out there is Peppermint.

Why You Should Always Have Shea Butter On Hand

Is there something that you just have to have around at all times? For some people it’s a water bottle or a hair tie, for others its Band-Aids and still others need a bottle of sunscreen or bug spray in their bag no matter what. Whatever that thing is for you, you know that you have at least one good reason why you want it on hand at all times. What if you could have something on hand all the time that did more than just one thing? Water bottles and sunscreen are great, but they have one main purpose. Shea butter, on the other hand, has multiple purposes that make it truly valuable for keeping around no matter what.
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