How to Know if Our Stretch Mark Cream is Right For You

You have stretch marks: Contrary to popular belief, you can heal and fade existing stretch marks—even if you’ve had them for years. While you may never be able to disappear them completely, you can heal them to the point where they are literally barely noticeable unless you are looking for them. The key is combining healing plant lipids—like Shea butter—with other skincare ingredients that enhance the production of collagen so that they simultaneously fade, soften and fill in. Because our Dermal Repair Stretch Mark Treatment includes a blend of skin softening plant lipids, anti aging plant essences and naturally occurring botanical vitamin A (not to confused with retinol), it is the perfect and most comprehensive stretch mark fading formula for your skin.

Where Our Shea Butter Comes From

Do you know where we source our Shea butter from? While you’d be right to assume that we get it from Africa, we’ve taken extra care to ensure that we source our Shea butter from the most ethical, sustainable and high quality source possible. After all, what’s the point in using a low quality Shea butter from a source that is less than optimal for all involved? We are proud to get our Shea butter from a fantastic fair trade women’s cooperative located in Ghana, West Africa where the Shea is as good as the project it comes from.

Shea Butter for Healthy Eye Lashes

Do you take care of your eye lashes? They might seem like one of those things that we don’t really need to think about, but our eye lashes can definitely benefit from some simple love and care. If you wear makeup, this is especially true since many mascaras and other eye makeup products can be less than beneficial to the natural health and beauty of our eye lashes. So what should you do to keep your eye lashes healthy, and what does healthy in regards to eye lashes even mean? Read on to find out.

What’s Up With “Ivory” Shea Butter?

You’ve probably seen it for sale somewhere, advertised as “ivory” Shea butter. You also probably got the impression that there was something special about it because it was “ivory”. But what, exactly, was that something special? Is Shea butter labeled as “ivory” more beneficial or special somehow from Shea butter labeled otherwise? And what about that deeply yellow pigmented Shea butter that’s also available? In today’s blog we’ll cover all these questions and set the record straight about “ivory” Shea, as well as the other bright yellow stuff.

Shea Butter for Your Cuticles and Nails

Do you put very much thought into your cuticles? What about the health of your fingernails? Maybe you get a manicure every once and a while and that’s about the only time your cuticles and nails get any love. But they need more than that! While both your cuticles and your nails will probably never need the same level of attention that you give to your facial skin and even hair, they still benefit from some TLC every once in a while. Especially if you are someone who struggles with cuticle and nail quality, regular care towards these two areas can go a long way. And the good news? It doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or complicated.
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