Dry Skin Brush For Extra Softness

Silky soft skin is a hallmark of a healthy complexion, and with the height of spring time right around the corner there’s never been a better time to revamp your smooth skin routine. While many people think the buck stops at daily lotion applications, we’re here to tell you that it definitely does not! Everything from the quality of your diet to how much water you drink plays a role in the overall smoothness of your skin, and one of our favorite ways to make sure everything is silky smooth and glowing is to dry skin brush.

How To Re-Hydrate Your Skin

It might sound strange, but there is a difference between skin that is moisturized and skin that is hydrated. And yes, both are very important for the overall health of your skin. Though it might feel and sound counterintuitive, a skincare product advertised as moisturizing isn’t necessarily also hydrating. Likewise, a product that focuses on hydrating your skin might not deliver the most ideal level of moisture. So, what exactly is the difference between moisture and hydration? And how can you make sure your skin is getting enough of both?

DIY Moisture Intensive Cream

Sometimes a moisturizer just doesn’t cut it. No matter how many times you slather on the lotion, your skin still feels like it’s parched, cracked, itchy and sad! Part of the reason a lot of store bought moisturizers don’t work is that their base is actually water. While water is great and we all need it, topically, it does not deliver moisture to skin. On the contrary, it can actually dehydrate it! Water based moisturizers don’t make sense. What do? Rich, healing and hydrating plant oils do. The more essential fatty acids you can get into your moisturizing approach, the better. That’s because they’re the ones doing the moisturizing! And the best way to ensure that you know exactly what’s going into and onto your skin, is to make it yourself. With this easy to make moisture intensive cream featuring the moisturizing powerhouse of raw African Shea butter, you’ll barely notice it took any effort, and you will notice the difference in your skin!

DIY Chest Rub

When your voice is scratchy and your nose is stuffy, you know it’s time for some relief. Being sick is bad enough: you feel like crap and fall behind on your responsibilities. The last thing you need is another problem on top of all that, but unfortunately another problem usually arises anyway! And that problem is an almost maddening inability to breathe at night. During a time when your body needs as much sleep as it can possibly get, struggling to breathe properly when you lay down is a sure way to end up losing sleep, and in the process your body’s ability to recover quickly is compromised. It is for times like this that we happily offer you this very simple, quick, effective and wonderfully fragrant chest rub to help open up those clogged breathing pathways. You can use it any time of the day, but we bet you’ll find yourself reaching for it at night the most.

DIY Winter Face Cream

When the winter weather comes in full force, so does the extra dry skin. Skin care products that previously worked great for you are now falling short. Your cheeks get red and rough, wrinkles start to look deeper and those smile lines that used to not bother you seem a little too pronounced now. All these signs are your skin’s way of letting you know that it needs more moisture! It needs more protection from the elements, and it needs more skin care ingredients that feed and strengthen it so it can better adapt to the cold weather and elements. Now, you could go buy a product that might help your skin with these things. Or, you could whip up your very own hand made winter face cream with ingredients you probably already have on hand. If you’re feeling crafty today, here’s a recipe just for you:

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