DIY Shea Butter and Frankincense Meditation Balm

Meditation is growing in popularity here in the West. People are finding that with regular meditation they feel more calm, focused and connected. For many, it’s a new thing. However, meditation itself is not new at all. People have been meditating  for centuries and different cultures have developed different methods they prefer. In some meditation practices, the use of sacred botanicals is employed to aid in the overall meditation experience. And one of those botanicals is Frankincense. Often burned as a resin, Frankincense is also available as an essential oil and just like in the past, it is a fantastic aid for meditation.

DIY Shea Butter and Essential Oil Muscle Rub

Sore muscles and joints are a pain- literally. They can make normal activities like sitting down and walking feel like a really unpleasant full time job. While there are plenty of reasons different people suffer from joint and muscle tension and pain, there are some things you can do to help alleviate some of the discomfort. Some people take pain relievers, some like to soak in a hot Epsom salt bath, and others like to use some form of a muscle rub.

DIY Cracked Hand Balm

Cold weather can be so harsh on your skin! Chapped lips, dry cheeks and cracking hands quickly become a daily battle, especially if you are someone who likes to adventure in the outdoors on a regular basis. But unfortunately regular moisturizing products like lotion don’t always do the trick. Heavier, oilier and more heavy-duty moisturizing and protective products are needed in order to help soothe chapped, dry and cracking skin from exposure to the elements like harsh wind and cold. And while you could absolutely go to the store and buy a moisturizing cream, why not make one yourself?

Why Anti Aging Ingredients Are Best for Cellulite

Cellulite can be a real struggle, and finding a satisfactory skincare product that delivers real results you’re happy with is a struggle with an equal frustration factor to that of having to deal with dimples in the first place. How do you know what product will be the best? What ingredients should you look for? How will you know if it will work for you besides buying it and trying it out? After all, buying lots of different products in your search for the best one can add up. While everyone is different, there are certain things you can look for to make sure you’re choosing the cellulite cream that’s right for you. And among them are the ingredients- anti aging ingredients to be exact.

Three Things To Do with Rose Essential Oil

We love essential oils, and chances are that you do too. But with so many available, it can be hard to decide on a favorite. And they all seem to be ideal for different things. While it’s true that each essential oil has its specialties, one of the beautiful things about essential oils is that they’re actually very versatile; for example, they all have been shown to have antibacterial properties. Still, each oil will shine best for certain things, and Rose is no exception. Known as Queen of the Flowers and the crowning beauty of all things regal and delicate for skincare and aromatherapy, here are three things you can do with Rose essential oil where it really shines.

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