DIY Tattoo Balm

The better care you take of your tattoos when they’re fresh, the better they’ll heal and look when they’ve finished healing over. While it’s popular to simply go to the store and use something like Aquaphor, you can actually get potentially better results from using something more natural that contains pure plant oils that soothe and help the skin to heal itself better. And what’s more, you can make it yourself! With just a couple ingredients you can have a seriously fantastic and effective skin and tattoo healing and protective balm for use any and every time you need it.

How Shea Butter Supports Forest Stewardship

When you hear the words shea butter, what instantly comes to your mind? Skin care? Body butter? Africa? Forests? Probably not forests. Well, they should! Why? Aside from the fact that Shea butter actually comes from trees, buying Shea butter helps to maintain and protect the eco system it’s apart of- and that includes forests. How many skin care ingredients can you say that about? Not a whole lot. But with Shea butter, you can. Here’s why:

Why We Use Niacinamide In Our Cellulite Cream

Few skincare ingredients have attracted such attention the way Niacinamide has in the last couple years. Otherwise known as vitamin B3 and Nicotinic acid, it really has taken the industry by storm- and it’s not just hype either. There are real results behind it and real research. People have been putting it in anti aging facial creations and swearing by it- but what about the body? Can Niacinamide be effectively used to support the rest of your skin too? Or are those results and findings only reserved for the face?

DIY Shea Butter and Frankincense Meditation Balm

Meditation is growing in popularity here in the West. People are finding that with regular meditation they feel more calm, focused and connected. For many, it’s a new thing. However, meditation itself is not new at all. People have been meditating  for centuries and different cultures have developed different methods they prefer. In some meditation practices, the use of sacred botanicals is employed to aid in the overall meditation experience. And one of those botanicals is Frankincense. Often burned as a resin, Frankincense is also available as an essential oil and just like in the past, it is a fantastic aid for meditation.

DIY Shea Butter and Essential Oil Muscle Rub

Sore muscles and joints are a pain- literally. They can make normal activities like sitting down and walking feel like a really unpleasant full time job. While there are plenty of reasons different people suffer from joint and muscle tension and pain, there are some things you can do to help alleviate some of the discomfort. Some people take pain relievers, some like to soak in a hot Epsom salt bath, and others like to use some form of a muscle rub.

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