DIY Skin Soothing Cream

DIY Shea Butter Cream Ingredients

Let’s face it, Shea butter is one of the best DIY skincare ingredients. It’s versatile, easy to work with and wonderfully long lasting. Its chemical composition is stable and potent, and when the natural purity of this fantastic plant butter is kept in tact, you really don’t need much else to make your skin happy. With it you can make creams, salves, solid perfumes, deep conditioning hair masks and paw protective products for your pooch. The list is truly endless and you can bet we’ve tried our hand at the lot of them. And one DIY raw Shea butter product that we find ourselves coming back to again and again in one version or another is this simple, Shea butter and essential oil soft and happy skin cream.

The Shea Butter Economy

Women making Sheabutter

People love Shea butter for all kinds of reasons. They like what it does to their skin; they enjoy the texture or how well it goes as a base for making their own DIY skincare recipes. Some folks even make candles with it. We love it for all these reasons too- but we also love it for another one: the Shea butter economy. Now, at first glance you might think we’re talking about nothing more than the buying and selling of raw African Shea butter. But what we’re actually talking about is the importance of the Shea tree to the ecosystems within which it grows, the wonderful people and collectives that harvest and process the Shea nuts into butter and the awesome effects it has on your skin


Wild vs. Organic Shea Butter

wild  crafted shea butterIn the world of Shea butter skincare, there are a few different factors/qualities that everyone looks for when making their buying and sourcing decisions. And every single one of these factors affects the overall quality of the end product. When it comes to organic vs. wild crafted, it’s important to first remember that the two do not cancel each other out. You can have both features in the same jar of Shea butter. But let’s say you have the choice between the two- which do you choose?

Where Does Cellulite Come From?


For many people cellulite is one of the hardest skin complaints to deal with. They feel like they’re at a dead end and that they’ll never be able to have smooth thighs and hips again. They stay away from shorts and swim suits, the sun and fun for fear others will see and they’ll feel embarrassed. That’s no way to live! While we can’t promise a cure and different people find different things that work for them, it can help to know the different causes of cellulite. Where does it come from? Why do people get it? And what are some of the things that can potentially help?

The Most Asked Shea Butter Questions: Answered

shea FAQ

No matter your field or profession, there’s bound to be specific questions and concerns that show up over 

and over again. Virtually everyone has an FAQ list, and in the world of Shea butter skincare it’s no different. Every day, we see some of the same questions over and over again and we thought it was time to put them all together for your convenience. We hope you can find the answers you’ve been looking for

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