There’s nothing quite like a good massage. Physical and emotional tension melt away as your muscles begin to relax and endorphins start to flood your brain. An important part of a proper massage is the right massage oil. When a massage is done on bare skin, the skin begins to chafe and redden, and if it’s done for long enough there may even be some residual bruising. But how do you find a good massage lotion? The key is to have a balance between glide and absorption. Too much slick leaves one feeling oily, while not enough forces the masseuse to constantly reapply, or risk the skin may begin to chafe.  Raw African shea butter provides the perfect balance of glide and absorption, leaving your skin- and you, feeling soft and nourished.

Shea butter can easily be used on its own as a massage balm, but it also combines wonderfully with other skin nourishing plant oils. Below you will find a quick, easy and effective shea butter skin care massage balm to use on yourself, your friends, or in your professional practice.