Raw African shea butter is growing in popularity every day, and many people use it all over their face and body for its soothing regenerative qualities. Similarly, vitamin C has become a very popular anti aging skin care ingredient because of how powerful and effective it is at repairing photo-damaged skin. So what happens when you combine the antioxidant powers of vitamin C with the incredible skin conditioning abilities of raw African shea butter? A veritable anti aging cocktail primed to plump, smooth, and brighten your skin care troubles away.

In this two part blog series, we will explore the anti aging synergy created by these two skin care ingredients.

When skin becomes sunburned, it experiences oxidative stress (too many free radicals, not enough anti oxidants), and suffers photo damage. Oxidative stress, when prolonged, results in the formation of wrinkles and saggy skin. Now, the body produces a certain amount of antioxidants on its own, but when the cellular integrity of the skin is compromised, internal anti oxidant production is greatly reduced, which leads to even more oxidative damage to your tissues.

Photo damage happens any time the skin is exposed to things like pollution, sunlight, and cigarette smoke. These environmental factors create a free radical chain reaction in your skin that leads to dark spots, deep wrinkles, fine lines, and decreased collagen production. In order for this photo damage to be corrected, a high quality and comprehensive antioxidant protocol is needed. And that’s exactly where vitamin C comes into play.

Vitamin C’s job is to eliminate and prevent the formation of free radicals as well as the photo aging effects of too much sun exposure. By applying vitamin C topically, you can make up for the reduced endogenous production of antioxidants, stimulate your skin to continue producing collagen, and prevent further premature aging. This is the beauty of vitamin C; two-way reparative action that heals what has already been done while simultaneously preventing against further damage.

Vitamin C is player number one in our two-part anti aging shea butter skin care mash up. With it, our skin is renewed, improved, and regenerated, and we can go out into the elements knowing that our skin is protected. In part two, we will explore the amazing skin conditioning abilities of raw African shea butter, and what happens when these two anti aging substances are combined.