Welcome to the second part of our raw African shea butter and vitamin C synergy series! As we learned in the previous post, vitamin C is a wonderful antioxidant ally that helps to protect and regenerate our skin from oxidative stress and the damage caused from too much sun exposure. And just as vitamin C protects against the harmful effects of photo aging and the sun, so too does raw African shea butter.

Clinical tests have shown that shea butter alone can naturally help to prevent sunburn. And as we learned in part 1, sunburn is a very nasty thing indeed. Shea butter has also been shown to be more effective than both jojoba oil and cocoa butter at healing damaged and dry tissue. It provides the perfect balance of regeneration and environmental protection to keep your skin fresh and clear. If you have deep wrinkles, dry skin, redness or irritation, shea butter does a brilliant job of clearing those problems right up!

Raw African shea butter also contains a very high percentage of vitamins A and E, which are both very healing and regenerative for the skin. Vitamin E is anti-inflammatory and emollient in nature, meaning that it reduces inflammation and brings moisture and nourishment to the skin. It is often used in the treatment of scars and stretch marks because of its regenerative qualities.

Vitamin A might be one of the most highly regarded anti aging skin care ingredients to date. It increases cellular turnover, promotes collagen production, eradicates wrinkles, refines skin texture, and evens out skin tone. To put it simply, it does everything you could ever want it to do. And because the vitamin A found in raw African Shea butter is naturally occurring, it does not cause the irritation that some people experience when using concentrated vitamin A products.

The result of these two skin care powerhouses coming together in such a beautiful botanical synergy is a cream we call Shea Butter Vitamin C Moisture Anti Aging Extreme. This anti aging shea butter skin care elixir works double time to heal, regenerate, and beautify your skin. The vitamin C works its anti oxidation magic, while the shea butter protects, soothes, smoothes, and heals. Use these two truly amazing skin care ingredients in concert to eradicate your wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, dry patches, and sad, saggy skin.