Using Shea Butter in Your Hair

Close up on a ponytail of glossy hairShea Butter is one of the most luxurious lotions on the planet.  It’s also supremely multi-functional! Most people see shea butter as a moisturizer but it is a fantastic hair treatment as well! If you want thick, healthy, lustrous strands, you don’t need expensive high-end salon products.  For a gorgeous head of hair, you just need 24Karite Gold Shea Butter.


One of the easiest ways to nourish your locks is by lightly dressing your ends with shea butter before you shower.  Shampoos can strip your hair of natural oils.  When you have long hair, this drying quality damages your delicate ends and leads to splitting and breaking.  To keep your tresses healthy and strong, apply shea butter to your ends before you lather up.

Making Your Own Lip Balm with Shea Butter

Profile of a woman applying lip balmYour lips are the most alluring trait on your face.  Don’t you want them to be soft, healthy, kissable and plump?  We believe you do.

The most moisturizing lip balm for your kisser is one that includes Raw Shea Butter.  Raw Shea Butter is loaded with nutrients like Omega 6, Omega 9, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, loads of unique anti-oxidants and minerals like Copper, Iron and Magnesium.  These nutrients deeply nourish the delicate skin of your lips.

The fatty acids provide unparalleled moisture, smoothing roughness and healing cracks.  The vitamins and antioxidants plump and protect against aging.   Raw Shea Butter’s minerals support structural integrity so your lips don’t thin or sag.

Raw Shea Butter Lip Balms aren’t really totally available in widespread production.  So for you to give your precious lips the highest level of care, you’ll need to make your own!

How to Get Soft Feet

Female foot on a rolled white towelLet’s look at your feet. Do you stand upon a base that’s soft and pretty?  Or is yours rough, thick and unkempt? Your peds are your pedestal! You deserve to stand like a goddess on an altar!

But soft feet isn’t just for appearance and comfort.  Your body detoxes, in part, through the soles of your feet.  If your pads are hard and impermeable, the detoxing can’t happen.  You need to take care of your feet for your exalted health!

If it’s been a while since you’ve given your sweet footsies the TLC they deserve, never fear.  You can take care of your scaly soles overnight!  

How to Make Your Own Raw Shea Body Butter

Shea Body ButterSo you want a lotion that’s light, fluffy, uber moisturizing but also fantastically healing and nourishing?  It’s time to make your own Raw Shea Body Butter.

Body butters are famously sensuous creams.  Using Raw Shea Butter  in one you make yourself gives your concoction super healing power!

Raw Shea Butter contains unadulterated nutrients like Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Vitamins A and E, Copper, Magnesium and loads of antioxidants.  That means it’s not only a great moisturizer, but also incredibly medicinal.  It’s how Raw Shea Butter has the power to make the skin shimmer with health!

You’ve seen those delicious whipped body butters in stores, but if you want to ensure your version is the most exquisite and therapeutic– you need to make it yourself using Raw Shea Butter!

Luckily, MAKING YOUR OWN BODY BUTTER is fun and easy!  

The Benefits of Wildcrafted Shea Butter

The soul of 24Karite Gold is our Raw Unfiltered Wildcrafted Shea Butter.  Shea Butter in its raw, unfiltered state is an unbelievably lavish and curative treatment.  When that Shea Butter is also wildcrafted, (as ours is) the benefits of this remarkable and sensuous balm are exponentially increased.

Wildcrafting, also called wildharvesting, is the practice of harvesting plants from their natural, or "wild" habitat, for food, medicinal, or other purposes.  Essentially, wildcrafting means that the plants used taken from nature and not from farms.  This means these plants are totally non-GMO, non-industrialized and organic. Lastly, wildcrafting means that the benefit of a plant’s medicinal components skyrockets.  

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