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About 24 Karite Gold Raw African Shea Butter

24-Karite Gold is 100% raw and wild crafted Shea Butter sourced from a women's cooperative in Ghana, Africa. We are proud to offer a premium product that has been minimally processed to leave its natural healing properties intact. By purchasing 24-Karite gold, you are supporting sustainable, fair trade with hundreds of Ghanians: the women employed at the cooperative, and their families. Furthermore, the trees our product is sourced from grow wild in Ghana's Mole National Park region and are viewed as a valuable community resource that cannot be owned nor destroyed. Unlike commercial methods that use heat and chemicals to ensure a uniform product, 24-Karite Gold is gently filtered the traditional way–by hand–to eliminate impurities. This ensures its beneficial properties are preserved while providing the highest possible quality.

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Treat yourself to luxurious, pure raw Shea Butter while supporting ethical trade & forest stewardship.

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What Our Clients Say:

"This is gold for my dry skin!."

Verified Amazon.com User | March 5, 2017

I can't live without this stuff! Dealing with eczema almost all my life, it's a struggle to find just the right moisturizer that isn't packed with harmful ingredients. One day my sister decided to order this shea butter and she let me try it. The texture took a little while getting used to, keep in mind it is raw after all. It is a little grainy or chunky at first but once I rub it in my hands it smooths out and I apply it to the rest of my body. This stuff is so moisturizing and I have chronically dry skin. I also like to add different essential oils like frankincense, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, etc to give it a nice scent as well as reap the wonderful benefits from each oil. One time when I ran out of this, I didn't feel like having to go through ordering it again since I saw another raw shea butter product at a local health food store. That one didn't compare; it even irritated my skin a little. I highly recommend this product.

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"Best product for my skin"

AHF, Amazon.com User | March 4, 2017

Best product for my skin. Can see visible difference in smoothness and can see less of the miniature wrinkles ;). A little hard but warms up nicely after rubbing between my hands. Have also microwaved it occasionally in a bowl for easier application.
"Awesome Skin Softener"

Stephanie M, Amazon.com User | February 24, 2017

Love this product for a moisturizer and scar treatment! Will definitely purchase again in the future.
"Replaces face cream, neosporin, and calamine!!"

Opal, Amazon.com User | December 7, 2016

This stuff is like healing magic. I waited a while to review waiting for a problem. It works on dark circles, cuts, burns, & uneven skintone better than ANY product I've tried... Its my catch all at this point. Even helps my acne a bit and healed up poison oak faster!
5.0 out of 5 stars, You won't regret it."

-Asha, Amazon.com User | June 8, 2014

My skin has been through the wringer. I am an open water swimmer, which means long hours in the sun and salt water. This wildcrafted raw shea butter has been a much needed balm for my skin. My skin looks and feels firmer, younger, healthier, more hydrated and supple and it's only been a few days since I've been using it. My super soft skin is now glowing! Can't wait to feel the results after a few weeks and longer.

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