Fair trade has existed for decades, but it's never been as widespread across the global market as it is today. While consumers long for more transparency in purchasing internationally sourced products, local communities across the world seek fair and ethical trade relationships. In short, fair trade promotes better prices, healthier working conditions, and the chance to empower local communities rather than degrade them.

24K Shea is proud to source its products consciously from a women's cooperative in Ghana. Our goals are twofold: to produce the highest quality shea butter skin care products, while actively working to support and empower hundreds of Ghanaian women through our fair trade relationship. If you have any questions about our wildcrafted shea butter products, don't hesitate to contact us today! Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about fair trade, and how it works.

What Does Fair Trade Mean?

Fair trade products aim to protect and support farmers and workers in gaining more from export and trade. Without fair trade, the market price of certain goods can be lowered to a point that undermines and exploits local communities and workers. In an increasingly interconnected global market, fair trade exists to protect workers from exploitation, unhealthy working conditions, and helps promote transparency for both producers and consumers.

Fair trade also empowers consumers to make globally conscious purchases. International consumers can rest assured knowing there's a transparent outlet for purchasing ethical products that don't contribute to the exploitation of workers or environmental degradation. Further, with fair trade, there's a guarantee that you're buying the highest quality, sustainable products.

How Does Fair Trade Work?

Fair trade is an alternative approach to the consumer/producer relationship based on partnership. Fair trade relationships strive to empower local communities with 50% ownership. The simplest way to achieve the goals of fair trade is to set a minimum price that allows for sustainable and equitable production.

Shea Butter's relationship with the woman's cooperative in Ghana allows these women to adequately feed their children, send them to school, and allowing themselves more freedom and control over their own futures. And as a consumer, you can rest easy knowing that by purchasing our Shea butter products, you're helping bring sustainability and economic stability to hundreds of Ghanaians.

Experience Our Raw, Handcrafted, Fair-Trade Shea Butter!

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