You’ve probably heard about it by now, or seen it at the store, on Amazon or in one of your friend’s bathrooms. African Black Soap is fast becoming a skin care and hygiene favorite because of the unique ingredients it contains and the high quality therapeutic and healing results it delivers to the skin, and even hair. Though it takes a tiny bit of know how to make sure you are getting truly authentic Black soap, it is well worth the long lasting shelf life and fantastic results that come from this exotic Shea butter based soap.

The reason why it’s called Black soap is of course because of its color. Though you can find solid black soap bars on the market, truly authentic black soap is actually not just one color, but more of a medley of tans, black and brown. The reason for this is that African Black soap does not contain any lye, and so the texture of the soap is less hard than most other soap bars. As a benefit of this absence of lye, African Black soap is much less harsh on the skin, which makes it an ideal soap for anyone who tends to get irritated from other soap, or who simply has sensitive skin in general.

Because African Black soap is made with raw and unrefined Shea butter, it contains all of the skin soothing benefits that come along with it. It also contains a couple of other skin healing and restorative oils that add to the benefits that the Shea already provides. The result is an authentic combination of Palm Kernel and Coconut oils with raw African Shea butter for an antioxidant and healing lipid packed soap.

Black soap is also very mineral rich in comparison to other soaps, in large part because it contains cocoa pod ash. This cocoa pod ash, along with the other ingredients such as Neem, have proven very effective in the healing of a myriad of skin issues. Consequently, African Black soap has and is being used for everything from acne scarring and acne itself to skin irritations and simple hand washing. Some people even like to use it on their hair! It is truly a healing, economical and versatile product.

If you haven’t already, try some Black soap. Wash your hands with it. Wash your face with it. Clean a scrape with it. You will no doubt find it as gentle, thorough and effective as so many others already have.