Do you have acne? It’s a pretty common skin complaint and unfortunately some people have the hardest time figuring out what the magic acne-healing combination is for them. For some it’s a simple matter of eliminating a certain food they didn’t know they were allergic to, while others spend years trying every face wash and special concoction they can find. Because there are so many individual factors to consider, it might take a little while for you to find the perfect solution, but it can be done. And thankfully some of the most effective acne fighting substances can be found in their natural form in raw African shea butter. This just might be the thing you’ve been looking for.

One of the most well documented and researched ingredients for fighting acne is vitamin A. It’s an extremely healing and therapeutic vitamin for the skin and oftentimes is the only thing to work for people with severe cases of acne. In fact, the popular acne medication Accutane is actually a form of vitamin A. Raw African shea butter contains skin soothing and potentially acne healing vitamin A in its natural and non-sensitizing form. It helps to speed up skin cell turnover, balance sebum production, and fight redness and inflammation, which all contribute to the prevention and healing of acne.

The very high content of essential fatty acids found in high quality shea butter skincare can also help to heal acne because of their balancing and skin nourishing nature. Essential fatty acids help the skin to retain its proper moisture content and skin cell integrity, which results in optimized skin cell function for a face that more easily maintains and protects itself.

Raw African shea butter also contains unique cinnamic esters that have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This can be quite beneficial for someone struggling with acne because many times acne is at least in part, the result of an unhealthy bacterial infection of the skin. These cinnamic esters help to remedy that problem by preventing harmful and potentially inflammatory bacteria from infecting the skin.

You don’t have to live with acne, and you can find a solution that works for you. Raw African shea butter is full of substances that heal and prevent further acne breakouts. So give it a shot. It might be the perfect anti-acne combination your skin has been asking for.