Excessive sun exposure without proper protection is one of the biggest and most common factors responsible for aging skin at a faster and more noticeable rate. While wise interaction with the sun is actually good for your skin because it produces vitamin D and has come mild anti bacterial effects, too much is a bad thing indeed. On a superficial level it looks like a leathery texture, wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots, as well as a higher risk of skin cancer. So the question is, other than wearing sunscreen, what else can you do to mitigate and prevent further sun damage? Enter, Shea butter.

Besides its incredible moisturizing properites, this botanical product contains something known as Cinammic Acid, which is a compound also found in Cinnamon and Balsam trees. This compound has been shown to be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and to also have some mild sun protective qualities. Now, should you use Shea butter exclusively as a sunscreen replacement? Probably not, but you can use it to help with your overall sun protection and photo damage prevention strategy.

While there is more research that needs to be done to find out exactly why the cinnamic esters help to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, what can be said is that an anti-aging strategy that is multifaceted is going to have a better success rate than one that is not. By including raw Shea butter in your daily skincare, you ensure that your strategy is multifaceted, including light protection from UV radiation without wearing a strong sunscreen all the time. Additionally, you can use it in conjunction with a favorite sunscreen to enhance the effects of the sunblock. Either way, it’s a smart move, and an easy way to keep those wrinkles and sun damage at bay.

This versatility is exactly why so many people love using raw African Shea butter in their skincare. It covers multiple bases at once, which leaves more time and energy for you to do the things that you love. It also helps take the guesswork out of your skincare, and you now know that that includes your sun protection strategy as well. So next time you use this incredible product, you’ll know that it’s also helping to keep your skin safe from the oxidizing and premature aging effects of too much sunlight. Hooray!

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