You may know by now that we launched our very own Shea butter based cellulite cream—and it’s amazing. Not only has it been getting rave reviews for those using it for their cellulite, we’ve also heard whispers of some people using it on their face! Sounds a little crazy, right? After all, what does cellulite have to do with anti aging skincare? Well, turns out there are some similarities and better yet, some of the same skincare formulas can be used for both. So, what’s the deal with using cellulite cream on your face?

Since we can’t speak for other brands, we will be talking specifically about our cellulite cream—especially because many cellulite creams use subpar ingredients that we just can’t vouch for. In the case of using it for the face, the reason that some people are doing this and experiencing beneficial results is because some of the same causes of cellulite are also causes of aging. This includes loss of collagen and connective tissue integrity- two things that are directly addressed with our cellulite cream.

While the cause of cellulite is from more than just one thing, loss of collagen and a failing in the strength of the connective structures in the skin can contribute to dimpling within the skin. By using ingredients like MSM, plant peptides and botanical vitamin A in our cellulite cream, the natural collagen and connective tissue structures are supported and strengthened.

When it comes to your face, the same principles apply. Things like wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin come as a result of poor collagen production and compromised elasticity. The same ingredients that support the connective tissues in cellulite ridden places on the body support young, healthy and vibrant skin on the face. This is exactly why you can use our Shea butter based cellulite cream on your face, neck and chest and experience beneficial effects. It sounds strange, but the results don’t lie.

While we did not formulate our cream specifically for the face, we are definitely not surprised that some of our customers have thought to use it on other areas. Given the ingredients and fast acting formula, it makes perfect sense that this would become a natural progression. Do you have to use it on your face? No. But can you, and could it be a good idea to perhaps try it? Absolutely.