Folks, we’ve got some exciting news for you here. As much as we love good ol’ plain raw African Shea butter, we couldn’t help but add something new to our lineup. What with Shea butter being the perfect delivery system for skin healing and restorative ingredients, what were we supposed to do- NOT take advantage of that? In the spirit of truly intelligent, effective and lusciously therapeutic Shea butter skincare, we introduce to you one of our soon to be available products: Smooth Body Cellulite Cream.

This cream is the solution to your cellulite problem. Clinically proven cellulite reducing and anti aging ingredients are effortlessly suspended in a deeply moisturizing base of our signature raw African Shea butter and Cocoa butter for a nourishing and pleasant cellulite dissolving experience. And unlike most other cellulite creams, 24Karite Gold Smooth Body Cellulite Cream actually repairs the damaged and dimpled skin you do have so that your cellulite is gone for good.

That’s right, this is not some 20 minute temporary cellulite quick fix- although you will see results in as little as 20 minutes. What this is, is a truly effective and easy cellulite disappearing strategy that harnesses the superior active ingredient profile of Shea butter along with cellulite repairing ingredients like MSM, plant stem cells and Niacinamide so that your cellulite problem is addressed and remedied from every possible angle.

While Shea butter and Cocoa butter soften and deliver vitamins A, E and C, MSM repairs and restores damaged and broken down tissue, plant stem cells encourage advanced level collagen production to fill and smooth out dimpling pockets, and Niacinamide helps to increases healthy circulation into stagnant and cellulite prone areas. Each application of this fantastic product builds on itself so that over time your cellulite really does disappear- for good.

You don’t have to live with cellulite and desperate quick fixes that only last for a matter of hours. You can have smooth, soft, glowing and toned skin- all with minimal effort. Address your cellulite problem from every angle with effortlessly easy daily applications of 24Karite Gold Smooth Body Cellulite Cream and watch as dimpled and pocketed areas transform into smooth, supple and healthy assets you can comfortably show off when and how you feel like. Keep your eyes on the lookout for the official release of this revolutionarily simple and deeply effective Shea butter skincare product.