Do you struggle with frizzy, dry, split ends? Perhaps you’ve tried different shampoos, conditioners and leave in hair products and still your ends split. Sometimes, hair just needs a little extra something in order to prolong the health and smoothness of its ends. Aside from regular trims and cutting back on things like heat styling and over-brushing, a regular deep conditioning and protective hair mask does wonders for keeping your ends healthy and split-free. And what better deeply moisturizing and protective substance to use than raw African Shea butter?

You can use Shea butter on your ends as both a deep therapeutic hair mask, and as a regular leave in conditioner type of end treatment. This is especially easy to do on the days where your hair is a little oilier. Instead of rushing to the shower to shampoo, put some Shea on your ends (a little goes a long way) and then put your hair in a bun or braids for the day to allow the Shea to really penetrate and condition your hair.

The reason Shea butter is so effective for helping to keep the hair ends conditioned and split-free for longer is because of the high content of deeply moisturizing essential fatty acids in the butter. These help to keep your ends soft instead of frizzy, and to keep them moisture rich instead of dry, just as they do on the skin. Shea butter also contains antioxidants such as vitamin E that further help to protect the hair, adding another layer of protection and care to ends in danger of splitting.

You can also mix your Shea butter with other oils, such as Argan or Coconut, for a more interesting split end conditioner. Adding in hair loving essential oils such as Sandalwood or Rosemary is yet another way to make your own split end treatment that harnesses the power of multiple ingredients for smooth, shiny, healthy ends.

Whether you choose to mix your Shea butter with other oils, or to use it as is, raw African Shea butter is the perfect all purpose hair protective balm that is especially suited for hydrating and protecting your ends. Couple Shea butter use with protective styling and regular trims, and you’ve got a fool proof hair care strategy! Keep your ends smooth, healthy, and split-free for longer with Shea butter.