In case you’re starting to feel like there’s an endless amount of things you could be doing and making with Shea butter, you’re right, there is! And one of those many things are creams. Body creams, soothing creams, burn creams, face creams…you get the picture. Shea butter has the perfect texture for skincare products like creams and balms, and this recipe we’re sharing with you today is no exception. Featuring our raw African Shea butter and Frankincense essential oil, it can be used on your body, face and even hair.

We chose to combine our Shea butter with Frankincense essential oil because Frankincense is a master at helping to repair the skin. It is used by aroma therapists to induce happiness and assist with meditation. It is like a life giving elixir for aging, dry and damaged skin. If you have any desire for glowing, even-toned and happy skin, then Frankincense is the essential oil for you.

For your crème you will need:

  • ¼ Cup raw African Shea butter (warm)*
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Mixing bowl
  • Hand blender/mixer
  • Jar or storage vessel of choice

*Keep in mind that your Shea butter does not need to be melted, it just needs to be warm and easily mixed. If your Shea butter is on the harder/cooler side, place the container in a warm windowsill, other area of your home or even in some heated water in the sink until effectively softened.

Place your Shea butter into your mixing bowl and add 20 drops of Frankincense essential oil. With your electric hand mixer whip the Shea and Frankincense mixture until light and airy. It will resemble something of a body butter. Once well incorporated and thoroughly mixed, transfer to your container of choice and store in a cool, dry place. Use on your face, body and even the ends of your hair for yummy moisture and essential oil goodness.

This recipe can easily be switched around with a different essential oil used in place of the Frankincense as well as others added in addition to it. If you do choose to add another essential oil or two to the mix, start with the same amount of drops for the entire cream and then, if you find you want the smell to be stronger, add more. Otherwise you could end up with an overwhelmingly fragrant cream.