The list of things you can do and make with essential oils could go on forever! Whether it’s for skincare, body care, hair care or DIY projects for house and home stuff, there really is at least one essential oil for everything. And while scent blends and skincare creations are fun, utilizing essential oils for something really practical, like cleaning your house, is not only extremely rewarding and effective, it’s also economical and long lasting. This super easy recipe for your own essential oil based housecleaning spray is by no means a set formula; you can substitute different oils as you please and find a combination that you like best. Keep in mind though that having at least one citrus essential oil in the mix is a very good idea because they contain naturally occurring Limonene, which is a natural degreaser.

For your spray you will need:

 1 spray bottle

 Water

 Witch Hazel

 Vinegar

 Essential oils of Lemon and Rosemary

In your spray bottle add a few tablespoons of the Witch Hazel and 10 drops of each essential oil. Mix it around for a second and give it a whiff. If it smells strong enough to you then go ahead and stay at 10 drops per oil. If you would like it stronger, start with a couple more drops and go from there.

Next, add in equal parts vinegar and water to your spray bottle, cover and shake to mix. Open once again and give it another smell and adjust essential oil amounts as necessary. Depending on the size of your spray bottle you may want a significantly larger amount of essential oils so just pay attention to what you like best. When you reach a smell that you are happy with, put the cap back on and voila! You have your essential oil based DIY housecleaning spray!

This spray can be used on all surfaces safely and effectively. The vinegar and Limonene degrease, the Witch Hazel helps to hold the essential oils in the solution and prevent them from evaporating, and both essential oils have naturally occurring antibacterial properties that make them great to help keep your living space as germ free as possible. If you have other essential oils that you’d like to add in or trade out, go for it. Have fun, be creative and enjoy your fresh, clean and aroma therapeutically enhanced home.