Essential oils are good for pretty much everything. Chances are that if there’s something you want done in the realm of sweet smells, skincare and home maintenance, there’s an essential oil to help you do it. This is especially true when it comes to DIY projects. If you’re lucky enough to find a source for pure, organic and affordable essential oils (like the ones we carry) your DIY projects can become not only a fun creative activity, but also an affordable and even health conscious way to create things that you need.

One of the best DIY projects to do with essential oils is to make your own room/body spray. It’s super simple, lasts a long time and smells fantastic. And because you are formulating it yourself you get to customize your very own scent to fit your personality and taste. It’s also a great DIY gift to make, especially if you know the kinds of scents the recipient likes. All you need is a spray bottle, water, a little bit of witch hazel and your essential oils of choice. Mix and match to find your perfect scent, then spritz all over your body and any of the furniture you want to infuse with your new blend.

Another great DIY project to do with essential oils is to make your own body butter. You can choose to keep it as is or whip it with a hand held mixer for a light and fluffy texture. Once again this makes a great gift for events like bridal and baby showers, and even birthdays for your body care loving peeps. You will need raw Shea butter, a few teaspoons of another carrier oil (like Coconut) and your chosen essential oils. Simply mix and mash it all together for a smooth and thick body butter, or whip it by hand for a light and fluffy body mousse.

You can also use essential oils to clean your house; perhaps one of the easiest ways to do this is mix a little bit of water with white vinegar and orange essential oil together for a sweet smelling and naturally degreasing surface cleaner. However you can use any other citrus essential you like, and some people even choose to put a little Clove in there as well. Experiment, have fun and take advantage of all the wonderful things you can do with essential oils!