It’s not spring…yet.  We know you’re itching to break out the shorts and start wearing those mini skirts…sans tights!

It’s so liberating to move about the world in bare legs!  But there’s one thing you do have to remember to do that you didn’t have to worry about while bundled up in pants for the winter- shaving your legs.  

A complete Spring/Summer look includes clean, smooth, radiant legs!  It’s easy to do that with this DIY shea butter shaving cream.  

Shea Butter plumps and softens the hair cuticle, for easy and painless removal.  It imparts deep moisture, giving your legs an alluring, touchable look. Lastly, Shea Butter is loaded with tons of nutrients (like Omega-9 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Vitamins A and E and a number of fantastic anti-oxidants) so you pre-heal any razor burn and protect your legs from damage and irritation.  

A self-care ritual like shaving can be such a lovely, feminine activity. Indulge deeper, with a therapeutic and luxurious shaving cream that uses Shea Butter.  

You can buy Shea Butter shaving cream. But why, when you can just DIY?!

Here’s our DIY Shea Butter shaving cream recipe:


  • 1/3 cup RAW UNREFINED Shea Butter (nutrients are only available in raw Shea Butter)
  • 1/3 cup Organic Coconut Oil
  • 1/3 cup Jojoba Oil
  • 10 drops of Essential Oil

Melt Shea Butter and coconut oil over low heat.  Once melted, transfer to a ceramic bowl and add Jojoba Oil and essential oil of choice.  Place in freezer and let set.

Once hard, remove the bowl from the freezer and, using an electric beater, whip the mixture for 3 minutes or until light and creamy.  

Place in an airtight container and store in a cool, dark, dry place when not in use.

The 24Karite Gold promise is that this shaving cream is better, more exceptional than you could ever find in stores!