One of the most decadent and potent essential oils is Rose. Known for its beauty promoting properties and heart opening and mentally uplifting aromatherapeutic benefits, Rose is a truly special essential oil. When blended with smooth and luscious raw African Shea butter the glory of Rose is taken up a new notch and your ability to enjoy this fragrant flower juice increases substantially. The following Shea butter and Rose essential oil blend is perfect for your everyday use, as a gift, or as a special treat when you want some personal TLC.

To make this Rose and Shea body butter you will need:

  • 1 cup raw African Shea butter

  • 2 Tbs carrier oil of choice, such as Coconut, Tamanu or Olive

  • Rose essential oil

  • Bowl for mixing

  • Container for storage (we really like wide mouth Mason jars)

  • Spoon for stirring

To begin, make sure that your Shea butter is soft and pliable. Combine in your mixing bowl with the other carrier oil and mix and mash around until both are thoroughly incorporated. Drip 10 drops of Rose essential oil into the Shea mixture and stir thoroughly. At this point you can choose to add more essential oil if you would like a stronger aroma, or you can leave it as is. Many people find Rose to be quite potent and so the 10 drops might be all you need to have a sufficient level of Rose smell. Transfer your body butter into your container of choice and either place in the fridge to slowly cool if your Shea was melted, or move it to a cool and dry place where you can access it whenever you would like.

This body butter makes a great gift, especially during holidays such as Valentine’s Day because of the association that roses have with love. It’s also a great thing to use whenever you are feeling depressed, down or overwhelmed since Rose is an uplifting essential oil that inspires a mild feeling of euphoric bliss and plenty of lighthearted relaxation. It is also an extremely beautifying essential oil that helps the skin to regenerate itself, hold onto moisture, stay elastic and smooth and have an all around glow. And because it is so potent, especially when of a high quality, a little goes a long way and is thus a great value for the amount you may spend on it.