Let’s face it, Shea butter is one of the best DIY skincare ingredients. It’s versatile, easy to work with and wonderfully long lasting. Its chemical composition is stable and potent, and when the natural purity of this fantastic plant butter is kept in tact, you really don’t need much else to make your skin happy. With it you can make creams, salves, solid perfumes, deep conditioning hair masks and paw protective products for your pooch. The list is truly endless and you can bet we’ve tried our hand at the lot of them. And one DIY raw Shea butter product that we find ourselves coming back to again and again in one version or another is this simple, Shea butter and essential oil soft and happy skin cream.

With only a few ingredients and plenty of room for experimentation, this DIY skin cream is so easy and lasts 

bounty of beautiful benefits associated with Shea butter.forever. Use it all over your body, the ends of your hair and even on your face! Give some away in cute little jars as a gift or use them as party favors. Get creative, have fun and most importantly enjoy the 

Here’s what you need:

 Raw African Shea butter (at least ¼ cup)

 Lavender essential oil

 Frankincense essential oil

 Rose essential oil

 Bowl and spoon for mixing

 Container of choice for storing (we like wide mouth glass jars)

To begin, make sure that your Shea butter is soft and mixable. If it’s not, place it in a warm place (a bowl/sink of hot water works fine) and allow it to soften a bit. Once ready, transfer Shea butter to your mixing bowl and add 5 drops Lavender, 5 drops Frankincense and 2 drops Rose essential oils, then mix and mash together with your spoon.

Now at this point you have the option to either add more essential oils to your liking or leave it be. This will depend on how much Shea butter you are using and how sensitive your nose is. Start with only a few drops at a time to avoid ruining your cream with an overpowering aroma. Generally you will want less Rose than the other two oils because it has the strongest aroma, so keep that in mind.

Once you are happy with the results, transfer your cream into your jar and keep in a cool, dry place to use whenever you want!