Silky soft skin is a hallmark of a healthy complexion, and with the height of spring time right around the corner there’s never been a better time to revamp your smooth skin routine. While many people think the buck stops at daily lotion applications, we’re here to tell you that it definitely does not! Everything from the quality of your diet to how much water you drink plays a role in the overall smoothness of your skin, and one of our favorite ways to make sure everything is silky smooth and glowing is to dry skin brush.

At its most basic level, dry skin brushing helps the skin stay soft because it brushes away dead skin cells from the uppermost layer of the skin. This keeps the skin soft because, if allowed to build up, these dead skin cells can create a scaly and rough layer that blocks the soft, juicy and new skin underneath. The result is skin that looks rough, scaly and dull and feels dry and flaky.

So why not just use a body scrub then? Well, while there’s nothing wrong with using a body scrub to exfoliate, dry skin brushing is more convenient than using a scrub because you don’t have to do it in the shower or the bath. It can be done at any time of the day, takes about 60 seconds and leaves you feeling invigorated. You can choose to moisturize after you dry skin brush, or simply go along with your day. You can also put a drop or two of an essential oil like Peppermint on the palm of your hand, run that over the bristles of the dry skin brush and proceed to dry brush for an added aromatherapeutic, energizing and lymphatic system supporting boost.

To start, simply take your dry brush and begin at your feet. Doing 3-6 light strokes per area toward your heart, move your way from the tops of your feet to your legs, torso, arms, etc. If there are areas where you have cellulite you can spend some extra time there and move the dry brush in circles to increase circulation. Once you’ve finished, jump in the shower, put on some lotion, or simply get dressed and move on with your day. It’s simple, easy, feels good and most importantly, effective.