We love the synergy and healing power of raw African shea butter. The calming and healing effects of this plant butter are almost instant and skin irritations such as eczema can benefit greatly from its regular application. But there is another eczema ally in the plant world: peppermint essential oil. When the two are combined together, the cooling properties of peppermint compliment the soothing and protective qualities of shea butter to banish eczema’s red-tinged irritation for good.

African shea butter is such a soothing, protective, balancing and nutritive substance that it makes a wonderful healing balm on its own. However, the cooling properties of peppermint essential oil help to further calm and reduce any redness, irritation, and inflammation within the skin. The high percentage of nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids, and balancing components in shea butter, along with the concentrated inflammation and redness busting phytochemistry of the peppermint essential oil bring high end healing to an often uncomfortable and unsightly skin disorder.

      The recipe is as follows:

In a small bowl, mash the shea butter and peppermint oil together until thoroughly combined. Massage mixture into affected areas, as needed. You might feel a slightly cooling sensation due to the peppermint oil- this is a good thing! Repeat as needed, daily or when eczema symptoms are particularly bothersome. Store in a cool, dry place.

Note: you can warm and soften the Shea butter slightly in a double boiler if needed.

Not only is this eczema remedy easy to make and use, but the benefits are experienced almost immediately. The bothersome and uncomfortable symptoms of eczema are reduced and potentially eliminated, and the rest of your skin can benefit from its application as well. Remember, raw African shea butter is incredibly nourishing for the skin, regardless of its condition. Essential fatty acids, antioxidant-like vitamins, and cinnamic esters all play an essential role in keeping skin healthy, soft, and irritation free.

As you experiment with shea butter skin care to help in the healing and soothing of your eczema, you are also providing your skin with the necessary building blocks it needs in order to be healthy, soft, and glowing. The addition of peppermint essential oil gives a nice botanical booster to create a simple healing cocktail that will have you itch and irritation free in no time.