Sebum has gotten a bad rap. It’s been blamed for clogged pores, zits and oily forehead shine. What you may not know is that sebum is actually very important for the health and protection of your skin. The key is to make sure your skin is in balance, producing the right amount of sebum. Additionally, you can enhance and mimic the effects of the naturally occurring sebum on your face by using skincare ingredients of a similar composition and purpose.

One of the most important things that sebum does is act like a protective barrier against foreign invaders, most notably bacteria that can cause things like acne and infections. When the sebum is stripped from the skin as a result of using harsh soaps, the skin is left vulnerable and unable to protect itself. Additionally, sebum is a critical component in maintaining the correct pH balance of the skin. Without that, the skin is much more likely to develop acne and other skin disorders.

You can nourish your skin’s sebum by, first and foremost, not stripping it off with harsh soaps and chemicals. After that, you can help to nourish and fortify it by using skincare products that act similarly, and Shea butter is one of those products. While not identical in composition, Shea butter and sebum are alike in that they both act as protectants for the skin. Shea butter helps to maintain a healthy and ideal pH level because it is an oil (just like your sebum), and instead of stripping away or disrupting the natural balance of the skin, it adds to it.

While there are already plenty of reasons to use Shea butter in your skincare, not the least of which are the abundant antioxidants and deep moisturizing compounds, one of the best may well be that it helps to keep your skin’s pH healthy and your overall skin health balanced and protected. Additionally, by keeping your skin’s natural sebum in tact and using a balancing skin care ingredient such as Shea butter, your skin will naturally transition from being too oily to just right.

Your skin contains all the intelligence it needs to stay vibrant and beautiful. You can support this natural ability and desire for balance and beauty by using Shea butter skin care. Assist your sebum in its job of protecting and maintaining a proper pH, and never worry about too much oil or unnecessary break outs again.