Let’s face it—Shea butter can be grainy sometimes. And while the texture and consistency of the Shea will have a lot to do with where the Shea butter comes from, it can still be useful to have a couple tricks up your sleeve to help in case you find yourself with a batch of Shea that just won’t smooth out. Armed with these simple grainy Shea butter fixes, you never need to worry about the texture of your Shea butter again.

What’s really interesting about Shea butter is that different areas produce a Shea butter with different textures. And what’s even more interesting is that two trees can grow alongside each other and produce two different Shea butters! Some of the actual components in the Shea will be part of what affects the consistency, since essential fatty acids like Oleic Acid contribute to a more rich and thick Shea butter.

If your Shea butter comes out a little grainy and hard, all you need to do is get it around something warm. Keeping it in your bathroom might be the easiest way to help soften it up since the warm steam from your shower or bath will raise the temperature of the room. If it’s sunny and warm outside, you can also place your Shea butter in a windowsill to allow the warmth from the sun to do the softening job for you. Or, you can simply apply your Shea butter after you’ve taken a shower or bath because your skin will still be very warm, providing the perfect medium to instantly start to melt your Shea butter. Speed this process up even more by rubbing it between your fingers or palms, and the hardness will instantly disappear!

You can also take this a step further by whipping your softened Shea butter in a bowl using an electric hand mixer. This creates a light, fluffy and smooth Shea body butter that is very much like putting on a whipped body crème. You can even add a few tablespoons of another oil you like, such as coconut, to make your homemade Shea butter balm even more beneficial.

Whether you decide to apply your Shea butter after the shower, leave it in a warm spot, or whip it into a light and airy cream, the point is that you are not without options to ensure that no matter what, your Shea butter skincare experience is lush, smooth and always nourishing.