At 24Karite Gold, our mission is comprised of three important principles:  to provide the finest, most exceptional shea butter on the planet, to protect the sustainability and ecological health of the planet, and to promote a fair and vibrant global economy. We are sublimely humbled that offering exquisite raw shea butter for sale also has the ability to drive powerful social change.

Our shea butter is handcrafted in the West African nation of Burkina Faso. In West Africa, the Shea nut is considered a food commodity and only women legally hold all foods in this region. Our project gathers and empowers over three hundred such matriarchs. Through the sale of healing and beautifying, 24Karite Gold honors the power of women.

 What’s more, the Shea Tree (aka the Karite Tree) is a wild-growing tree that is owned publicly.  Even if a tree is growing on private property, that tree is not considered to belong to the individual but to the entire village. That means the profits of 24Karite Gold Shea Butter are shared by everyone and never by a select few. The sale of 24Karite Shea Butter represents 75% of the local annual income and directly and indirectly benefits a population of 38,637 people.

Currently, about 50,000 tons of Shea nuts are harvested yearly in Burkina Faso.  However, the region has the ability to produce 17x more than that. The villages of Burkina Faso are ready to flourish. There is room for more women and more communities to grow and the sale of shea butter is a resource that can fuel that growth by developing the local economy. Shea butter is one of the most healing ointments on the planet for your skin but also for the communities that produce it.

At 24Karite Gold, our shea butter is an exquisite product and a powerful tool to reach out and nourish the world in ways that count.  By putting economic power in the hands of women, the sale of our products drive the improvement of individual and family health in Burkina Faso. Our unadulterated, rejuvenating products restore and strengthen the lives and well-being of you and others.