One of the biggest concerns that come up in regard to essential oils is their safety for use on and around children. While each person and their individual sensitivities are unique, there are certain essential oils that are generally more widely accepted to be kid friendly both for their aromatherapy uses as well as their gentleness. Lavender is one of those essential oils and consequently is a very popular essential oil. Even people who aren’t really into essential oils know about Lavender! This is why we’ve included it in our collection:

Lavender has a wonderful balanced smell that is herbaceous and floral at the same time. It is not overpowering and compliments many other essential oils just as well as it stands alone. A few drops blended into some raw Shea butter makes a fantastic scented moisturizer for all over lotion love. Because of its gentle and very pleasant scent children often do really well with it.

Lavender essential oil is often used in skincare products for both face and body. And while you can definitely buy pre-formulated products, why not get creative and play around with making some of your own? Lotions, soaps, oil blends- it’s all possible with gentle, soothing, lovely Lavender.  The story of how Lavender essential oil came to be used in skincare is an interesting one! The French scientist Rene Gatefosse burned his arm in a laboratory experiment and out of desperation applied some Lavender to his burned arm. He was amazed to find the pain go away and the burn eventually healed with no scar!

One of our other favorite ways to use it is to make a simple pillow spritz out of Lavender and water for some relaxing herbal sweetness before bed. Lavender Essential Oil Pillow Spray works wonders for children who have nighttime restlessness or just like having some kind of bedtime ritual.

To make it at home, simply add 20 drops of  Lavender Essential Oil to a 2oz fine-mist spray bottle and fill it with distilled water. It also makes the rest of the room smell good, which is an added bonus. Instead of using it in a spritz, some people just rub a drop of the oil onto the soles of their feet. Play around and see what method you like best.

Whether you choose to use it alone or mixed with some of raw African Shea butter, Lavender essential oil is a fantastic botanical oil to have around. Get creative and make your own blends, or simply use it as is for a gentle nighttime sleep aid. The possibilities are endless, and the experience is always gentle with Lavender.