Is there such a thing as a skincare miracle? Many products and ingredients are touted as such, but is there any substance to a claim such as this? What’s the difference between a real miracle, and the intense sense of relief someone feels when they finally find something that works for their skin after months, if not years, of searching and trial and error. Was it actually a miracle, or were they just looking in all the wrong places? The answer lies somewhere in the middle.
One thing to be mindful of is that in the skincare industry there are so many different products for sale that just trying to sift through all the different options can be an entire task unto itself. It’s inevitable that you’re going to come across products that just don’t work for you, or don’t work as well as another one you’ve tried or will try. Something you can do to make wading through the endless amount of products easier is to educate yourself on the kinds of ingredients that you should stay away from. Just this alone will automatically delete a large amount of products from your possibilities that would otherwise irritate or just not work for your skin.
Some of these ingredients include things like sodium lauryl sulphate and mineral oil. Basically, the more plant based the ingredient deck is, the better. And incidentally, ingredient decks like this typically produce products that seem to produce “miraculous” results just because they are so much more effective than their synthetic, watered down and low quality counterparts. The more you can move away from skincare that contains petroleum derived ingredients and watered down percentages of actives, the better your results will be and the more miraculous the product will seem. You’ll soon realize that the only miracle is the incredible efficacy and quality of truly natural skincare ingredients.
Your skin wants to be healthy. It wants to glow and remain supple and smooth. And each one of your skin cells is programmed by nature to work in your favor. By using the finest natural skincare ingredients, like raw Shea butter, you can support your skin to be its naturally beautiful, vibrant and healthy self. “Miracle” products are all a matter of perspective. What’s truly miraculous is the natural intelligence of your skin and the healing synergy it can experience when you use natural ingredients and skincare products