Few skincare ingredients have attracted such attention the way Niacinamide has in the last couple years. Otherwise known as vitamin B3 and Nicotinic acid, it really has taken the industry by storm- and it’s not just hype either. There are real results behind it and real research. People have been putting it in anti aging facial creations and swearing by it- but what about the body? Can Niacinamide be effectively used to support the rest of your skin too? Or are those results and findings only reserved for the face?

The answer is: yes, Niacinamide can not only be used on the body for anti aging purposes, it also makes a fantastic strategic addition to skincare formulas specifically formulated for specific things. This is why we use it in our stretch mark cream. The same properties in Niacinamide that make it valuable for anti aging skincare make it valuable for our cellulite cream.

These properties include boosting the production of three different proteins within the skin that increase plumpness, hydration and wrinkle protection, stimulating circulation within the skin and acting as an anti-inflammatory. This is great for those wanting to address their cellulite because the Niacinamide helps to target it from different angles instead of simply going with the traditional route that only temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite.

The three different proteins that Niacinamide helps produce as well as its circulation boosting properties means that it is particularly helpful for skin that wants to be more full and have better connectivity and elasticity within its overall structure. This is great for cellulite because one of the issues with it is that poor connective tissue quality means dimples and sagging instead of smoothness and softness. By using something like Niacinamide, you can help your skin stay supple and firm. Additionally, increased circulation helps to keep toxins and lymphatic debris and fluid moving effectively throughout the body instead of pooling in one place. Once again, a contributing factor to cellulite development is stagnant lymphatic flow and build up in certain areas; increased circulation means decreased stagnancy.

There’s no good reason to only temporarily relieve the appearance of something when you can address it more holistically by basically doing the same thing: using a cellulite cream. This is why we chose to add Niacinamide to our cellulite cream formula, and why we feel confident you’ll be happy with the results.