Are stretch marks inevitable when it comes to pregnancy? This is the ultimate question, and one that could be debated over and over again. Some women do get stretch marks, others don’t. Some do everything they can think of to prevent them, others do nothing and just go with it. What works for one woman doesn’t end up working for another and the search continues for stretch mark free bellies, hips and thighs. While there is nothing wrong with stretch marks, if they are something that you want to prevent from happening, it’s good to know the ins and outs of howto prevent them, and what to do if you want to fade existing ones. And what it all boils down to is the health of your skin.

When a woman is pregnant her skin is going to be stretched no matter what. One of the main determining factors in her likelihood of getting stretch marks is the elasticity of her skin. And of course, the healthier her skin is, the less likely she is to develop stretch marks. This is because when the skin has plenty of collagen and the cellular membranes are properly maintained the skin is able to stretch and then bounce back without issue. Now, there are multiple factors that will influence the overall health of ones skin including lifestyle choices such as diet and even exercise, but one of the most immediate and easy ways to take care of your skin and prevent the formation of major stretch marks is through skin care.

Using skin care ingredients like raw African Shea butter directly supports the natural elasticity of your skin, which makes developing stretch marks less likely. Naturally occurring vitamins C, E and A prompt your skin to create more collagen while also fighting free radicals that damage the exact substances and systems that keep your skin elastic and adaptable. Daily application of Shea butter and other nourishing plant oils like Cocoa butter, Almond oil and even Olive oil can help you to prevent the formation of stretch marks during your pregnancy.

Because there is more than just one thing that determines how your pregnancy will go, we cannot say that there is a magical solution to stretch marks. What we can say is that there are simple things you can do to protect and enhance your skin’s natural desire to stay healthy, elastic and smooth. Daily use of a nourishing skincare substance like Shea butter can go a long way in supporting your stretch mark free goals.

Of course, our favorite solution is our very own Stretch Mark Cream made with 24Karite Gold Sheabutter.