Cellulite- some of us have a lot of it and some of us have none. Some of us go our whole lives without it and then wake up one day to discover a new collage of dimples has graced our previously smooth skin. The truth is that cellulite is pretty common, and most of us will deal with it on some level at some point in our lives. And while it’s not something to freak out about, it is something to pay attention to. The reason: cellulite is an indicator of the well being and integrity of your skin and connective tissue. The more aggressive the cellulite, the higher the chance that your skin needs some extra help and support. So where does it come from? And what can you do to help prevent extra cellulite from forming on your skin?

Cellulite comes from a combination of lack of muscle tone, insufficient circulation and compromised connective tissue structure. So, the best way to help keep cellulite at bay is to support your body’s natural systems of circulation, tissue integrity and muscle tone. For example, some people find that incorporating some exercise and muscle toning into the areas where they experience the most cellulite helps to diminish the appearance of their cellulite. For circulation, activities like rebounding and massage help to bring blood flow and oxygen into the affected areas, while using a cellulite cream with circulation enhancing ingredients like caffeine and niacinamide also help to support cellulite ridden areas to clear out and find some balance.

While both increased circulation and muscle tone can help with connective tissue structure, there are other skin care ingredients you can use that further help to enhance and strengthen your skin’s collagen and elastin. These include ingredients like MSM and plant stem cells- both of them excellent substances for rebuilding the structural matrix of your skin so everything looks smooth and tight.

It’s important to note that when targeting your cellulite, your approach must include supporting the connective tissue of your skin. Many cellulite creams only target the circulation aspect using temporary means like caffeine extract to produce a short lived result that doesn’t last. If you want your results to last, you have to rebuild that connective tissue, and that takes a little bit of time. But it’s worth it! The good news is that patience is the hardest part.