Though this may seem somewhat surprising, part of what ages our skin is constant exposure to the elements- especially when they’re harsh. Strong sunlight, whipping winds and biting cold all contribute to the weathering of our skin and affect everything from our skin’s overall texture to tone. So what is there to do? Certainly you can’t spend your life hiding inside away from the world and the elements. Luckily, you can still enjoy the ups and downs of the weather while also protecting your skin. Raw African Shea butter is the perfect all weather balm to literally shield your skin from the storm.

As the seasons change and the temperatures drop, our skin’s risk of things like sunburn decreases, while its risk of aging from things like extreme cold and wind rise. To counter this, you can simply apply your Shea butter to your face, hands, and anywhere else on your body that you know will be exposed to the elements. It might be the most simple method of skin protection ever. And it works.

If you are a skier, snowboarder, snowshoeing fan, trail runner or simply a dedicated fall and winter hiker, then your skin can benefit tremendously from the use of Shea butter as a face protective balm. And not only does it simply protect your skin from future environmental damage, but it also repairs any premature aging and oxidative stress your skin has already undergone and begun to show. This means that something as simple as rubbing some Shea on your cheeks before you go out to ski with your friends can both prevent future wrinkles on your skin from developing, as well as softening the ones you already have.

Additionally, things like dry and chapped skin are both healed and prevented, which is especially beneficial if you live in very cold climates like those found in the North East. Harsh winters may be something you can’t combat, but harshly wintered skin is. Loaded with anti aging antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and other therapeutic compounds, a light layer of Shea butter is both protective shield and nourishing elixir.

You can still live the active life you love, and keep your skin young, healthy and damage-free. A simple application of Shea butter a day, before you go out into the whipping winds and frigid cold, will make sure you reap all the benefits of being outdoors and in the elements, without any of the skin taxing set backs.