Africa- the continent of rhythm, incredible patterned clothing and the magnificent, emollient RAW Shea Butter.

Shea Butter is extracted from the nut of the Karite Tree.  Karite Trees can be cultivated anywhere on the globe with the correct climate, but only grow wild in the equatorial region of West Africa.

Here, Karite Trees soak up the African sun! They pull in nutrients from ancient soil untarnished from pesticides, fertilized only by what naturally decomposes in the ground and the occasional manure of local animals.  Shea nuts that come from Karite Trees of this kind literally take their intelligence from the roots- which are deep in hearty, clay rich, humid soil of Africa!

The beauty benefits of this amazing salve date back to the greatest African beauty queen of all, Cleopatra.  The Sahara Desert Empress used Shea Butter for strong, glossy hair, luminous skin, and internal healing.  Since then, generations of women with that unmistakable African female wisdom and power have been using Shea Butter to keep their lustrous appearance.  Knowing that such gorgeous, strong women use Shea Butter regularly says a lot about the purity and potency of this exquisite balm.

And from the hands of these wondrous women, comes the Raw Wildcrafted Shea Butter offered by us at 24Karite Gold.  Women in the West African country of Burkina Faso handcraft our Shea Butter.  We trust the women who have been blending this sensuous lotion for ages to transmit the wisdom of their ancestral knowledge into the butter.  We see the results in a butter that is indulgently smooth, and remarkably curative. 

We’re humbled that the 24Karite Gold project also gives back to this amazing continent and these stunning, sage women.  In Burkina Faso, women legally own Shea Nuts (and all food products) and the profits from their sale.  Our project empowers three hundred women and directly and indirectly benefits a population of 38,637 people. The income from 24Karite Gold contributes to the development of business in this area and represents 75% of their annual income.

Because Africa is the birthplace of so much life on the planet, and is a diverse continent of culture and beauty, we think it’s worth giving back to your roots! Luckily, the roots also give back to you! RAW Wildcrafted Shea Butter is one of the best gifts nature has to offer!