You know how glowing your skin looks, how thick and healthy your hair feels, and the sense of Zen you experience after having a day at the spa?  It’s worth the splurge. But you don’t have to shell out monthly for it. Just use raw shea butter.  Raw shea butter can give you the complete spa treatment at home!

Let’s start with the skin. Are you ready for healthy, vibrant skin that’s strong, smooth, and tight? Come on, who isn’t!?  You can spend a hundred dollars on a spa-grade facial, or much less on raw wildcrafted shea butter and get the same fabulous results.  Raw shea butter drenches the skin in moisture, reduces wrinkles, soothes pimples, calms eczema, and simply loves the heck out of your skin! Use it as a thick mask, as an oil cleanser, or as a luxurious daily moisturizer.

Strong, glossy hair is often called a crowning glory.  Ready to crown yourself?  Here are three ways to use raw shea butter for a royal mane:

1) Use as a pre-shampoo. Shampoo detergents can strip the hair of shine.  Rubbing a quarter-sized amount of shea butter into the ends of your hair will protect the shaft.  

2) Use as a leave-in conditioner. After showering and towel-drying your hair, use a bit of shea butter to lock in moisture and keep hair plump and lustrous.

3) Use as a styling agent. Blow dryers, curling irons, and other heat tools can really damage the hair.  Use shea butter as a styling agent to reduce heat damage!  

The real test of a spa-quality product is how plush it makes you feel.  You’ve got to have the experience of luxury and relaxation- or it will never mimic the pampering you receive at an actual spa.  Loaded with Omega-9, Omega 6, antioxidants and “bliss” particles (organic compounds that make you feel happy), raw shea butter is a deeply soothing, thoroughly deluxe salve.  Our shea butter is wildcrafted, which means it also delivers a pure stream of healthy, radiant plant intelligence.  Feeling tranquil yet?

One bottle of raw shea butter equals infinite indulgent possibilities. In addition to using raw shea butter for skin, hair and relaxation, this beauty balm can also be used for massages, foot treatments, prayer infusion, and so much more. Shower yourself with raw shea butter and you’ll be ecstatic you did!