Rich, luminous beauty is now yours.

Raw Shea Butter is a skin-softening, luster producing conditioner and moisturizer that slows aging, improves radiance and keeps skin (and hair!) healthy and smooth. Raw Shea Butter brings ga-ga gorgeous looks to anyone who uses it.  On top of this, Raw Wildcrafted Shea Butter is used by some people to help with their eczema, dermatitis, dandruff, rashes, bruises, blemishes and much more!

The key is how the Shea nuts are harvested. Shea Butter that has been crafted and harvested from wild-growing trees has great medicinal value than Shea Butter crafted from cultivated trees. Wild growing trees don’t receive daily pampering care and as such, they develop a vibrancy and vitality required to live in the wild.  Shea Butter crafted from these trees contains that miraculous vitality.  This “wild intelligence” translates into Shea Butter’s astonishingly medicinal properties!

Wildcrafted Shea Butter also contains a vast expanse of nutrients.  Because wild trees don’t receive regular fertilization treatments, as cultivated plants do, they create an excess of nourishment to feed on when times get lean. So Shea Butter, crafted from wild trees, is brimming with the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that the parent tree needed.

Some of these nutrients include famous beauty essentials such as Omega-9, Omega-6, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and catechins (a kind of antioxidant previously thought only to exist in green tea)!  These vital, living nutrients are what make Raw Shea Butter such a phenomenal beauty enhancer!  It’s why rough, blemished or dull skin doesn’t stand a chance!

This luscious, creamy salve absorbs quickly into the skin, so your skin feels quenched but not greasy.  As a humectant, it draws water into the skin and locks it deep inside the dermis, so it protects you from drying out by the wind, sun, heat or salt water. And above all else, Raw Wildcrafted Shea Butter imbues the cellular dermal matrix with the magic and luxuriousness of vibrant life.