It might sound strange, but there is a difference between skin that is moisturized and skin that is hydrated. And yes, both are very important for the overall health of your skin. Though it might feel and sound counterintuitive, a skincare product advertised as moisturizing isn’t necessarily also hydrating. Likewise, a product that focuses on hydrating your skin might not deliver the most ideal level of moisture. So, what exactly is the difference between moisture and hydration? And how can you make sure your skin is getting enough of both?

In short, moisture is connected to fats and hydration is connected to water. A moisturizing skincare product is going to use the essential fatty acids from plant lipids to lubricate your skin, while a hydrating product is going to deliver water to your skin cells, and ideally help that water stay there. But here’s the catch: putting water on your face (and in skincare products) is actually dehydrating to the skin! While moisturizing is pretty simple and straightforward, keeping your skin hydrated requires a little more thought and strategy.

First, remember that the amount of hydration you give your body via water and hydrating foods contributes to your skin’s overall hydration. For the skincare part, in order to rehydrate your skin, and keep it that way, you need to prevent the existing water in your skin cells from leaving. And that’s where shea butter comes in. Shea butter is deeply moisturizing to the skin while also preventing cellular water loss. This is absolutely key for maintaining a plump, juicy and soft complexion.

One of the main ways it does this is by forming a thin yet protective layer across the surface of the skin. This layer protects the skin from dehydrating and aging elements like strong sunlight, wind and dry conditions. Shea butter also helps to enforce strong cellular membranes by way of the nourishing fatty acids it supplies. This in turn keeps your skin cells better equipped to hold onto adequate amounts of water.

Using raw African shea butter on your skin is the perfect way to deliver deep, healing moisture and keep your skin’s hydration level where it needs to be. Each application ensures the right amount of moisture and hydration so you can stick to one product instead of many. It’s easy, fast effective skincare you can count on.