Raw shea butter is like a secret superfood.  There’s no “official” definition of a superfood, but it’s the term generally used to refer to nutrient powerhouses that boost the health, energy and integrity of the body.  Through superfoods, the body system gleams with intelligence, is protected from disease, and feels utterly satisfied.  It may not be a blueberry or pomegranate, but raw shea butter has all the same shimmering superfood qualities.  The difference is that shea butter gives its benefits to the skin!

Raw shea butter unifies and energizes the entire skin organ.  It’s superfood elements of calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper create this radiance.  Skin cells require these mineral salts for metabolizing energy, communicating with each other, and DNA replication.  The naturally occurring calcium, magnesium, etc. in raw shea butter make the skin strong and quick to repair.  It creates pure cellular integrity, so skin cells shine with natural brightness.  And, it supports increased communication between cells so that they form a unified network leading to total organ gleam and vibrancy.

Superfoods are the most protective, anti-aging foods on earth due to their antioxidant content.   shea butter is no different.  Raw shea butter offers a dynamic antioxidant blend of vitamins A and E, and Catechins (the strongest type of polyphenol previously thought only to exist in green tea).  Antioxidants destroy free radicals, which can damage the body at the cellular level and leave the body susceptible to degenerative diseases. With all the free radical, anti-cellular-aging, and anti-infection protective power of raw shea butter, skin cells can’t help but shine freely!

Lastly, superfoods are way nourishing and satisfying to the body.  Blueberries feel amazing, avocados deeply satisfy.  Raw shea butter has the most deluxe oil make-up that the skin just glories in.  Composed entirely of a natural blend of Omega 6, Omega 9, Omega 3 and a variety of delicious unsaturated fats, Shea butter makes the skin feel totally indulgent.  It keeps the skin supple and flexible, reduces wrinkles, and leads to a really luminous glow.

Raw wildcrafted shea butter contains oodles of nutrients and minerals. It may not be a superfood in the way that we typically think about those edible wonder plants, but this luscious, creamy salve has all the right properties.  It gives the skin what it needs to perform at top function, offers robust dermal protection, and lavishes the skin in healthy oils.  Best yet, our raw wildcrafted shea butter, pure from Burkina Faso, contains all the plant life and energy from that region.  Super? Yes!