One of the beautiful things about raw African shea butter is its seemingly endless versatility. If you’ve got a problem, chances are that shea butter can help. Got a sunburn? Put some shea on it. Rash or inflammation? Shea should do the trick. Itchy bug bite? Just cover it in shea! It is truly a wonderful anti-aging balm chock full of healing substances, not the least of which are antioxidants such as these:

  • Vitamin A- a powerful anti-aging compound that is also found naturally in the skin. It plays a fundamental role in the regulation of skin cell activity, helps repair damaged tissue, and assists in the acceleration of new and healthy skin cell production.

  • Vitamin E- this antioxidant also helps the skin produce new and healthy cells. It valiantly fights free radicals, regenerates tissue, helps maintain the skins natural oil balance, assists in the prevention of sun damage, and lessens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.

  • Polyphenols- these have been found to protect against cancer through their free radical scavenging abilities.

  • Cinnamic esters- these guys lend their sun protective qualities to the already blooming array of therapeutic substances found in raw African shea butter.

When combined, the antioxidants found in raw African shea butter also act as natural preservatives, helping to keep your shea butter skin care fresh. The result of this natural alchemy is true elemental and anti aging protection. Rest assured that along with a plethora of fatty acids and other healing substances, you are giving your skin a healthy dose of antioxidants every time you apply your shea butter skin care.