We all know the saying “the eyes are the windows into the soul”, but they are also the windows into your age and skin health! The skin around the eyes is very thin, does not have any sebaceous glands of its own, and the collagen in that specific area of the face is very easily damaged. So it is extremely important that we take extra special care of this precious area of our face. High end shea butter skincare offers us the perfect healing and anti aging eye balm to keep our eye skin soft, plump, bright, and protected.

Have you ever gotten a facial, or perhaps had your makeup professionally done? If so, you may have noticed that the esthetician or makeup artist took special care when touching and putting pressure on the skin around the eyes. The reason for this is because of how thin and easily damaged the skin there is. If you apply too much pressure, you may damage the precious collagen that lies so delicately beneath. This is why professionals use their ring fingers when touching this area, because the ring finger is the weakest.

One of the ways we can strengthen this vulnerable area is by providing it with an abundance of skin strengthening essential fatty acids. Raw African shea butter contains two of the most well known essential fatty acids- oleic and linoleic fatty acids, and basically what these essential fatty acids do is strengthen and nurture the membranes of our skin cells and this results in skin that is stronger, more resilient, and remarkably soft.

Another strategy is to feed the skin ample amounts of free radical fighting antioxidants in the form of skin nourishing vitamins. African shea butter delivers high amounts of vitamins E and A to the skin and these vitamins work together to not only neutralize wrinkle causing free radicals, but they also stimulate the production of collagen and this results in skin that is perfectly plumped and protected.

You can keep the skin around your eyes strong and elastic through daily application of high quality shea butter skincare. Free radical fighting and skin brightening antioxidants, cell nourishing and protective essential fatty acids, and superior nutrition packed vitamins ensure that the delicate skin around your eyes is strengthened and stays protected so you can look and feel glowing and clear.