Do you take care of your eye lashes? They might seem like one of those things that we don’t really need to think about, but our eye lashes can definitely benefit from some simple love and care. If you wear makeup, this is especially true since many mascaras and other eye makeup products can be less than beneficial to the natural health and beauty of our eye lashes. So what should you do to keep your eye lashes healthy, and what does healthy in regards to eye lashes even mean? Read on to find out.

For eye lashes, if their integrity and health are suffering it manifests as short, thin and fading eye lashes. And while everyone has different eye lash lengths and colors naturally, there’s no need to have lashes that are thinning, dull and overly short. If you wear makeup, one of the things you can do is make sure that the mascara you use is made with more natural ingredients, as well as even having some therapeutic ingredients as well. This will make the daily application of mascara less of an issue for your eyelash health.

Aside from that, you can also use raw African Shea butter as an eye makeup remover. The texture is nice and rich instead of thin and chemically stripping like so many store bought make up removers. It picks up and removes pigment wonderfully and gently moisturizes, soothes and protects your entire eye area every time you use it. The healing essential fatty acids and antioxidants from the Shea butter keep your eye lashes nourished and protected so they can grow thick and long- and stay that way.

An extra bonus that comes from using Shea butter this way is that it can easily take the place of a nightly eye cream. So not only does it work as an eye makeup remover, eye lash health serum and overall moisturizer, but as an anti aging eye cream as well. Just like your hair, properly nourished eye lashes will stay healthy, thick and long, and taking care of them can be as simple as using raw Shea butter as your eye makeup remover every night.

Multidimensional skincare products are not only practical and economical, but fun and effective as well. You can cover all your beauty bases with one easy application of Shea butter for soft skin and healthy, full and long eyelashes.