Stretch marks can be a big concern for women, especially when pregnant. And while there’s nothing wrong with having stretch marks, it’s a sign of good skin health if it can easily stretch and come back to its normal shape. The key, then, to keeping the skin as stretch mark free as possible is to give it as many high-end, healing nutrients as possible so that it has everything it needs to regenerate, repair, and remain supple. Raw African Shea butter is the perfect contender for the task.

A big part of the skin’s healing and regenerative process is the creation of new cells to replace the old and dead ones as they slough off. This is often referred to as cell turnover, and it’s one of the main reasons for things like exfoliation. Part of the reason that having cell turnover is so important is because the new cells are plump, supple and juicy, while the old cells they are replacing become increasingly brittle. High quality Shea butter skin care helps to keep your cells supple and new by properly lubricating the cell membranes via its essential fatty acid content.

Shea butter also provides the skin with another substance that encourages cell turnover: vitamin A. Though the level of vitamin A present in raw Shea butter is not the same as a prescription vitamin A cream, it is enough to benefit the skin by encouraging a healthy level of cellular turnover, increased collagen production, and an even tone and texture. For those wanting to prevent or help to fade stretch marks, the addition of both collagen and increased cellular turnover means that the skin will be in much better condition to bounce back from stretching during pregnancy.

Another component found in Shea butter skin care is vitamin E, and this gentle substance provides the skin with much needed moisture and a potent dose of antioxidants that keep the skin strong, soft, and better able to repair and protect itself from damage and pro-aging agents such as stress and free radicals.

When the vitamin E, vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and other unique skin healing and strengthening compounds found in raw African Shea butter are applied to your skin daily, the result is skin that is strong, supple, and in the perfect condition to properly regenerate and maintain itself as it goes through the stretching and straining of pregnancy. Give it a try!