Do you love raw African shea butter, but sometimes wish it was just a little more refined? Perhaps the nutty smell that so many people adore just isn’t for you, or maybe you imagine toning down its exotic golden hue. In either case, we have just the thing for you: cold-pressed ultra refined African shea butter.

 Cold processing is a method of extracting the oils from a seed or nut that does not use high levels of heat. The seeds or nuts are first ground into a paste, and then pressed between an oil- stone to release the oils intended for use. We choose to cold press our ultra refined shea as a way to keep the integrity of the shea butter while still being able to offer an alternative to the straight raw shea butter that is traditionally processed by hand.

Cold-pressed ultra refined shea butter retains many of the same benefits of raw African shea butter without the nutty smell or golden color. Enjoy making luxurious shea butter skin care creations of your own and use as a base for your favorite essential oils. Heal your stretch marks and soothe rashes, sunburns and razor bumps. Nourish your dry and cracked elbows, calm your rosacea, and protect your children’s scrapes and cuts. It is the perfect solution for the shea butter enthusiast with a more refined taste. Use liberally and with the same intent you would our raw African shea butter.