Inflammation causes aging. It causes pain, stiffness, loss of collagen, and is even a byproduct of too much stress. If you know anything about anti aging, you know that a huge part of it is trying to beat, minimize and elude the ever present and foreboding threat of inflammation. In skincare, inflammation looks like literal puffiness, as well as things like red splotches, itchiness, and wrinkles. In your muscles and joints, inflammation usually manifests in the form of stiffness, aches and pains. Luckily, there is something you can do about it.

Though when thinking of anti inflammatory substances you might think of something more pungent, strong, or harsh, the reality is that Shea butter is actually quite effective for helping to reduce the effects and reality of inflammation. It has a long traditional use as a sore muscle rub and skin irritant soother for this exact reason. It’s why it makes such a great massage balm, body scrub and skin moisturizer.

All of the things contained within Shea butter that have built its reputation as an anti aging plant butter also help to mitigate or prevent the effects of inflammation, or inflammation itself. The essential fatty acids that lubricate and protect your skin’s cellular membranes are helping to protect against the skin cell weakening effects of inflammation. The antioxidants that eat up wrinkle causing free radicals are, by definition, inflammation fighters since free radicals exist as a result of inflammation. The nourishing vitamins A, C and E found in Shea butter are all very well known as anti aging skincare vitamins, and each one of them possesses anti inflammatory properties that help to keep your skin young.

Additionally, and rather uniquely, is the presence of another substance in Shea butter known as Cinnamic Acid. Cinnamic acid helps to reduce inflammation in the skin, and also works when it is rubbed into sore muscles and joints. Because it occurs naturally in Shea butter, it is perfectly safe, and gently effective.

Raw African Shea butter is a botanical anti aging balm that also works as a natural and very gentle anti inflammatory for those times when your skin, muscles or joints need a little extra love. It is the essence of functional and multidimensional, offering up a virtual one fits all approach that actually works. Protect your skin and lose the stiffness causing, wrinkle making and achy muscle creating effects of inflammation with Shea butter.