Whether you’re an avid cook, work in a bakery, or like to spend your time in the sun, the reality is that sometimes burns happen. And depending on the severity, the pain can be terrible! Whether your burn is isolated in one spot from a quick touch from the oven, or spread over a large portion of your body in the case of a sunburn, it’s important to help it heal as quickly as possible—if for no other reason than to minimize your pain. Raw African Shea butter is a perfect natural burn healing salve to help the skin heal and discomfort melt away.

For skin that has been burned, it’s imperative that it be provided with ingredients that help to ease the inflammation, bring down the heat, and neutralize the free radicals that occur as a result of the burn. This is often why Aloe Vera is used on a burn; it contains plenty of anti-inflammatory and skin building antioxidants, polysaccharides, and MSM that all work together to calm a burn and give the skin what it needs to rebuild. Similarly, raw Shea butter is rich with skin soothing essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that lend a healing and helping hand when you’re in need.

The EFAs present in Shea butter contribute to the restoration of the cellular integrity and smooth texture that can be lost when a burn occurs, while the vitamin E fights wrinkle causing and inflammation spreading free radicals. The vitamin A present in Shea butter helps to mitigate the damage done to collagen proteins present in the skin, all while the pain is taken away quickly and with ease. Raw Shea butter also helps to prevent the wrinkling, fine lines and uneven texture that often results from getting a sunburn, and even has a naturally occurring SPF factor that can easily be added in to assist your sunscreen in better protecting your skin. You could also get creative and mix some high quality Aloe with some Shea butter if you like, creating a burn soothing, skin healing botanical cream of goodness.

Multidimensional skin care is so necessary and convenient and is one of the main reasons so many people swear by our Wildcrafted Raw Shea Butter skincare. By using it to heal any burns you might have, you also nourish your skin’s innate beauty and health, coating it with botanical protection, radiance, and repair.