Many people love raw African shea butter, and use it religiously all over their bodies. But some people wonder if they can use it on their face as well. Is it too rich? Will it make me break out? These are just some of the common questions that get brought up. Here, I will answer your questions, and explore if using this product is right for you.

Shea Butter for Aging Skin

For many people, whether they can put shea butter on their face simply depends on the type of skin they have. For people with very dry, aged and weathered skin, this product is a perfect moisturizing and anti aging option. It smoothes wrinkles, soothes the redness that comes from being out in the elements, and stimulates skin to produce more collagen. If this sounds like you, then our 24 Karite Gold would be a great choice for your skin care routine!

But what if your skin isn’t dry and weathered? That’s fine! Shea Butter has incredible moisturizing properties but also contains soothing compounds for irritated skin. Everything from burns to rashes to bug bites to chronic irritations don’t stand a chance in the face of Africa’s finest botanical healing balm. If your skin is sensitive or very easily irritated, chances are that you can use it as your skincare product of choice with fantastic results.

Can Shea Butter Be Used on Oily or Combination Complexions?

For those of us with oily skin, it can be a little bit trickier. Many people fear that because it’s a “butter”,  their pores will be clogged with oil, causing a break out. While this is an understandable concern, many people have found that raw Shea butter actually helps to balance out their skin. This is probably due to the full spectrum of antioxidants, fatty acids and natural antimicrobial properties that it contains.

It’s normal to feel cautious when exploring skin care options. Whether your skin is dry and cracked or red and bumpy, maybe it’s time to ditch all the perfumed, expensive products and try an unadulterated healing agent. The full spectrum of healing substances found in raw African shea butter will feed your skin in a way it’s never quite been fed before. Your wrinkles could diminish, your skin elasticity could return, and that bright red patch of inflammation could finally disappear.


If you're ready to see the benefits for yourself, try our raw, fair trade shea butter.