Christmas is right around the corner, and the buying of gifts is soon to follow. For some, this time of the year is the best- filled with family, fun, good food and warmth. For others, it’s a time of hectic stress, rushed menu planning and last minute gift buying. Whichever category you fall into, you can have your gift giving ventures this year be easy, fun, and something that everyone will love. From the pickiest recipient to the most laid back buddy, here are some of the best Shea butter themed gifts for you this holiday season:

A jar of pure raw African Shea butter. Yes, we know, this one’s really simple. But that’s the beauty of it! It can be used for everything from skin and hair care to leather conditioning and a base for soap. If you have a loved one or friend who likes to do crafts, has plenty of leather wares, or has a no fuss attitude toward their beauty or self care routine then a jar of pure raw Shea butter is the perfect gift for them.

Homemade lip balm. Not only is this simple and easy to make, it’s also cost effective and perfect for young and old alike. Simply melt down your Shea butter over low heat in a double boiler, mix in any other carrier oils or essential oils of choice, and then let slowly cool and solidify in your containers of choice. Hand made gifts have a special thoughtfulness to them that store bought presents just can’t compete with, and this simple and softening DIY lip balm is perfect for that very reason.

African Black Soap. This is the soap that does it all. Acne, irritations, overly dried out and sensitive skin all benefit from regular use of this authentic African soap. With a base of pure raw African Shea butter, along with some anti bacterial essential oils and skin nourishing Cocoa pod ash, this soap is perfect for men, women and children alike- and for basically all purposes. Some people even wash their hair with it! This is a virtually fail-proof Christmas gift.

Whether you like to make things by hand, or just want a good multidimensional gift you can distribute to everyone, there is a Shea butter solution for you. Try your hand at making a batch of lip balm, or keep it simple and easy with some Black Soap bars or pure raw Shea butter.