Dry, split and frizzy ends are the worst. They can make a great cut look bad, your favorite hairstyle fail and an otherwise seamless day a little bumpier. Taming dry and frizzy ends can be a bit of a task too. Do you just bite the bullet and cut it all off? Wear your hair in braids more often? Buy a new conditioner? Try a different brush? The list of potential fixes goes on and on, and beyond seeming a little daunting, can be straight up exhausting to think about. While everyone’s hair is different and thus requires specific products and regimens tailored to its uniqueness, there is something you can do at home to help tame and manage dry, frizzy hair.

You don’t have to be a DIY whiz to make this simple Shea butter based conditioning treatment. Not only is it easy to make and use, it lasts a long time and makes a great hand made gift. Additionally, there’s plenty of room to change things around and customize the recipe to fit your personal taste.

You will need:

  • Raw Shea butter- ¼ cup
  • Jojoba oil- 2 tsp
  • Argan oil- 2 tsp
  • Rosemary essential oil- 10-20 drops

Make sure that your Shea butter is soft and easily spreadable; it doesn’t need to be melted, just soft and warm enough to mix with the other oils. Measure out the Shea butter, Jojoba and Argan oils into a mixing bowl and mix and mash with a wooden spoon until evenly incorporated. Then, add 10-20 drops of the Rosemary essential oil and mix thoroughly once more. You may want to start with just 10 drops and give it a smell before adding more. That way you won’t end up with a hair mask that is too strong for you to use.

When you’ve reached the scent level that you like, transfer your Shea conditioning treatment to a wide mouth glass jar or other similar container and store somewhere cool and dry. This can be used as a weekly treatment as well as a daily leave in conditioner for your ends. Leave it on all day and through the night if you like, just be sure that when washing it out of your hair you shampoo twice to ensure no oily residue is left on your hair. Enjoy!